Tonight, I am six again, and your
hands hold me shivering there,
anchored to your shoulders,

navigating waters lapping now my
knees, your chest, rising like the
storm’s dark curse. Now here, your

gnarled hand in mine, in prayer,
I bow my head and thank what
vagrant providence gave me you -

if only for this briefest time, this
night - who laddered me to higher
ground, my weathered ark, my rock.


  1. I am also giving thanks for the elders who led me and protected me, thank you for sharing this wonderful poem. It touches my heart and memories.

  2. Anonymous7:38:00 AM

    Hi Sam - a lovely poem - I do not understand the acrostic aspect, but not sure I need to as it is lovely as is. k.

  3. Beautiful words Sam - we all owe thanks to someone who aided us in this journey that we call life...

    Anna :o]

  4. what vagrant providence gave me you....lovely man...and a great spin on the acrostic as well...took me just a second...ha...

    just wanted you to know i am thankful for you as well man....

  5. i was so curious what "v" word you would take cause i found this the hardest and then you have such a wonderful one that i first had to look up...smiles...vagrant providence gave me you...love it...
    thanks for hosting tonight and i echo bri...thankful for you as well..

  6. Great prompt, great poem about this memory and your father. Thanks.

  7. Wonderful poem Sam. Great prompt too. Your dad sounds like a really good dad to have.

  8. Incredibly touching and smooth. I think rhyme made mine a bit to clunky. Free Verse is the way to go, it seems -- the acrostic constraints are enough.
    Great tribute to your dad!

  9. Flood in the moonsoon time is very frightening.Nice tribute to your Dad.

  10. Well done! Such a great Thanksgiving read. Thank You!

  11. An inspiring verse, it works well, and I found it very moving.

  12. You never disappoint us, Sam. I look forward to your hosting eagerly. You really bring passion & class to the archaic notion of FFA, helping we less traditional poets to dabble in classic forms. Your piece was sweet & personal nostalgia; as was mine, thanks to your lead.

  13. Anonymous5:52:00 PM

    a depth of gratitude is omnipresent here. wonderful. wonderful.

  14. Probably the most lyrical acrostic I've read in a very long time, perhaps ever. You take the look of a brain-teaser/puzzle out of it. The closure is pretty poetry indeed.

  15. Wonderful poem, Sam! Giving appreciation is almost a forgotten virtue. Very good theme!


  16. Beautifully written. The acrostic component was not immediately obvious to me - a good sign as often poems are laboured in trying to stick to the acrostic confines. This flowed smoothly and effortlessly across them.

  17. ..'my weathered ark'..love that..

  18. what a gorgeous poem, Sam!!!!! xxxj


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