The wind rising, the rigging tight with salt,
we drew ourselves into the gathered spray -
and suddenly we saw it all before us
across each crest of wave, sunlight glinting
on the shattered water leaping from the beams
like coral fragments broken from a reef
and spun out by the stream, away, away -

And the grey cry of seabirds stealing,
stealing over the waters like a stranger
whose voice calls lost in a foreign country,
whirled by the crowd; and the soundless breaking
of waves white against the grey lines of cliffs;
and the last shimmer of lights on the coast
falling into a darkness vast as the depths
rising from the waters and the silence -

Far behind us the thin line of the shore
gave way, broke, and scattered into the sea.


  1. Short link - http://bit.ly/s4tide

  2. I can feel the ocean in this one

  3. Wow! I really love this one. So full of imagery and texture I can feel the salty air on my cheeks. Wonderful,Sam! Absolutely wonderful.

  4. Evocative, allusive, gorgeous. You are fast becoming a favorite poet, Samuel. xxxj


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