Sonnet XVIII Flavors

Shall I compare thee to a peach sundae?
Thy lips do make the most parfait parfait.
Thy smile’s far sweeter still than strawberry,
Thine eyes so very cherries jubilee.

Thou art my chocolate, my rocky road,
My raspberry kiss, my mango tango.
Outside daiquiri ice, mint winds may blow,
Inside our hearts fare warm as cookie dough.

So shall we toast our troth with raisin rum
And pledge our promise with pink bubblegum.
Jamoca love like ours shall never budge,
Only endure like almond roca fudge.

Until time crumbles, cookies into cream,
So lives this praline hope, vanilla dream.


  1. This was originally four quatrains with 21 flavors, then I realized I could do Shakespeare's Sonnet XVIII, and it would be even more parfait.

    Short link -

  2. Anonymous12:54:00 PM

    SWEETNESS! well done dear friend =))) ~April

  3. Your yummiest poem yet!

  4. Anonymous1:20:00 PM

    Nicely done, sir.

    I don't know where to begin; loved every line.

    Really captured the essence of the original poem. Which feels weird to say, given the sugary content of your contribution.

    Great work!

  5. A dance with sweet invitations...xxxj

  6. I love it. Excellent write!

  7. lol... this is perfect nonsense... I love it.

  8. I prefer the salty to the sweet, but this is good enough to eat. :-)

  9. It's like a dance of flavors - you should offer to sell it to Ben & Jerry's! I jest. This is exceptional use of images in sonnet form. You teach us how it should be done. I'm hoping for your most excellent article on this form soon. I have much to learn from you, my friend.

  10. haha you are a riot....and you blended the flavors so well..smiles...this was a delight to read...and i have to wonder how many calories i gained in reading it...smiles.

  11. Love it, though you missed my favorite--vanilla swiss almond. Oooh, I can taste it now...

  12. delicious...parfait tango and pink bubblegum...omg...i would love to lick that poem from the screen...sorry...smiles... love it sam

  13. "... to a cheese soufflé " ?

    Yours is a bit too rich for my liking :-)

  14. I like the mint wind, Delicious on the eye and the ear.

  15. Variety of flavors and lots of choices. A sonnet is not often seen. You did well to have done so here. Wonderful take,Sam!


  16. Anonymous10:17:00 AM

    Delicious :)

  17. Anonymous11:33:00 AM

    I am so ready for ice cream even though it's 10 AM--fun write!

  18. Yes, a sonnet!! Written in what I believe is iambic pentameter. And the flavor, expressed so vividly by sweet cream images is a brilliant idea, given your mastery, Sam.

    I love seeing this commitment to craft. More importantly, just the fact you took time to write and post sonnets inspires. A sonnet is not an easy write, and to make a meter mistake always lurks nearby. I have not had the time to do so yet; however, I do plan to examine the syllabic accent in each meter and stitch.

    So fantastic is this write by not only a great poet, but someone (Samuel Peralta) I continually study. I hope true lovers of great poetry take note of this incredible poetic composition.

  19. Oh my goodness. Don't know if I should thank you for this super sweet and lovely poem, or if I should be mad at you for totally activating my sweet tooth. Ha. Really loved reading this, it tasted yummy.

  20. truly delicious! thank you for the zero-calorie treats!

  21. Such sweetness; one wants to indulge! :) Enjoyed this sonnet.

  22. Ah, the delights of the flesh! Lovely fun to read; Shakespeare, eat your heart out!


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