One Stop, Poetry

The bus folds shut its wide accordion
doors, and reels away from shelter.
Finally settled in our seats, we press
against the window glass. Outside,

the world unrolls its cinematic
cartography, the vagrant landscapes
of imagination. Here, a young boy
swivels on a bright red

bicycle, his suited father panting close
behind. There, two women edge
a garden path, hand in hand, one on
the stone, the other on the grass.

Beyond, a wife and husband swing
together on a porch; the sunshine
wanes across their faces, and their forty-
seven years of cinnamon and tea.

These are the triolets and villanelles
of life, and we its jostled passengers,
marvelling at the projected tapestry
that weaves, unweaves itself

across the circuit of our journ –
browsers, writers, dreamers, friends –
companions on this craft
that has but one stop, poetry.


  1. Short link -

    The writing and arts group One Stop Poetry is dedicated to encouraging poets, photographers, and artists from all walks of life. They are a warm community, held together by a dedicated group of volunteers I have come to admire.

    One of their founders, Leslie Moon, interviewed me for a feature piece available on their site -

    I wrote this poem as a companion piece to that feature, to celebrate the worldwide community that all writers belong to - the bus that has but one stop, poetry.

  2. how cool is that..?!!
    the triolets and villanelles of life
    just one rock sam!!

  3. Whoa, Claudia, you are fast, I only just put this up, I was saving it up for Wednesday! Thanks so much for the kind words, it's great to be a part of the community.

  4. Very nice, Samuel. Enjoyed the ride, and the excellent interview over at my favorite poetry place.

  5. Like the human connections described in your imagery, Poetry remains a most worthy collective experience. Agree with Claudia. You rock, Sam! Cheers

  6. Anonymous9:49:00 PM

    Ooo - love it!!!! I was there for the ride all the way

  7. ha. excellent close...we are all on this journey together and each have stories to share about ourselves, each other and what better way than poetry...happy one shot..

  8. Does the closing count as poetic justice? Ha! Thanks for sharing, wonderful words!

  9. Lovely, Samuel. I enjoy your work very much. xxJenne'

  10. I agree with Claudia - the triolets and villanelles of life - is a killer line. Awesome indeed, Sam.

  11. I actually think this would be improved if you cut the commentary, and just let the images do the work. The last two stanzas in particular were a bit treacly. The title suggests the theme well enough that the reader doesn't need to be led to the conclusion; we can get there on our own.

  12. first and only bus ride I ever enjoyed. and how you tied it together with triolets and villanelles of life rang clear. great oneshot

  13. Anonymous9:53:00 PM

    We are all connected, writers and like. You pound the pavement with your writing Sam - it shakes and tremors in all of our souls. I love what you give... what you inspire. I feel blessed to be here to receive that. ♥

  14. It is a privilege to have you and your work as a part of the community. Writers and writing will surely improve by virtue of your being here. Loved this piece and appreciate it. Thank you, Gay @beachanny

  15. Lovely images, and I like the tying of here, there, and beyond... Yet when I come to such a powerfully loaded line as "villanelles of life," I couldn't help but wish to see some of the darker side, even though this is a companion and tribute to the community, One Stop, Poetry.

  16. Anonymous10:55:00 AM

    Wow, what kind words Semaphor...thank you, so very much, for this boon and tribute to our humble community. Such crisp and vivid description, a watercolor of life in all its sights, showing the connection of men of, of the pen, of all. Brings a smile, and particularly:

    "These are the triolets and villanelles
    of life, and we its jostled passengers,
    marvelling at the projected tapestry
    that weaves, unweaves itself"

    Such potency to your words - what a unique way to gaze upon the world. Beautiful.

  17. Masterful array of images add up to a superb poem.

  18. this really made me smile...i felt honoured..cheers bud...pete

  19. Semaphore, my Sam...every time I read your poem, I am truly transported the exact space in time, the specific period of which you want to hold me. I can hear, taste, smell, see and feel every single word you create. This is the epitome of what imagery needs to be, and comes full circle of the voice and message which it sends. How simplistic and detailed at once to create another masterpiece. I adore your words.

    -Blessings, Poet.

  20. This is beautiful! Fantastic work, I love your imagery.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  21. those few things a few eyes see:) your work

  22. Ingenious and in genius. I just had to say that.

  23. A most fitting tribute from a gracious poet and fine person.

  24. I love this poem! It's a beautiful way to think about poetry and the collaboration of life. Thanks for sharing!


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