Dicere quae puduit, scribere iussit amor
A pale medieval manuscript, your skin
is touched, illuminated by these words
that flicker, feathered like the wings of birds.

I imagine your life spelled out in ancient
tongues upon your skin, a vulgar Latin,
a hieroglyphic tinged in pigments of amaranth
and rust, underneath your tunic, like a psalm.

Let me thus lift up, as from your outstretched
arms, this binding, this fabric coverlet that
hides the pages of your flesh, your fragrant
etymology, your history, your verse.

For I would pull you to me, trace out that
finery of words, transliterate your soul into
my alphabet of longing, mouth unto mouth,
until I brand you mine, mine, mine.


  1. The quotation is from Ovid: "What (modesty) forbade me to say, love has commanded me to write."

    Short link -

  2. Anonymous1:23:00 PM

    Whenever I find myself in need of lush, beautiful poetry...something to open the world up wider than I can see...I come here. This is an exquisite poem! Thank you :)

  3. smoking...i like the archaic language on it!

  4. Fantastic! I love the deep sensuality here, the words are so charged!

  5. In a breath, I heard you speak this piece ~ balanced and poised, sweet with sweat, intimately open ~ lashes closed. Simply superb my dear Sam, superb!

  6. Everything in four stanzas-tight, evocative, tantalizingly obsessed.
    Very good.

    Tiger Windwalker

  7. Anonymous4:12:00 PM

    Wonderfully written. I can see everything, and it is steaming!

  8. A touching piece. It's full of sweet!

  9. Anonymous9:20:00 PM

    Passionate display of beauty, and your gift of word use give to this so much more breath. Incredible Sam! ~April

  10. Ahh... deliciously sensuous and tender, and yet so intense!
    But that's exactly how love is... isn't it?! :)
    Very beautifully written, my friend... the word-play was impeccable, and so tastefully done!! Really lovely!

  11. ohh.... and love for words and language... (sigh)... tell me about it!!! :)

  12. One of the best love poems I've read. Nothing syrupy here - the texture, the color, the taste, the smell, the heat and the ardor so controlled but so breathtaking. Beautiful. Gay @beachanny


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