Black Rock Light

The lighthouse beam encircles back and strobes
against the crystal of the iceberg’s mass,
like a cinema projector running

the night’s feature reel. Far off, the storm clouds
curtain off the darkened stage, the night sky
hues to indigo, and the vapour flames

of stars begin to quiver, waver,
flicker into light. And we are silent
at the splendour of this shattered vista,

unworthy to do anything but breathe
a resolute prayer. The beacon turns;
as our rapt vessel drifts along, the freeze

frame of the iceberg ignites and lingers,
captured in the daguerreotype of dream.


  1. Inspired by an etching by David Blackwood

    Short link -

  2. A beautiful chill from this, a tingle down the spine.

  3. Anonymous12:14:00 AM

    cinema of the sea, LOVE the idea of the lighthouse projecting on the iceberg, the nights feature. Have been inspired by icebergs myself of late. the great hidden potential.


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