Status Updates

is listening to Blog Talk Radio
is just finishing a letter to you

still likes Titanic more than Avatar
hates the photo on her hospital card

finally got to update her Tumblr
is checking out her CAT and NMR

became a fan of Flo and the Machine
thinks she understands what her Rx means

joined a Raymond Carver discussion group
won’t get to return that library book

can’t edit her last poem on Posterous
is trying to find order in chaos

got caught doing 50 in a school zone
tweeted her sister but no one was home

tore up her ticket, tossed it in the trash
is walking on, walking on broken glass

thinks nothing beats a good tub bath for warm
isn’t going To Write Love On Her Arms

can’t find her cell, don't bother to call her
likes the red on the edge of the razor


  1. Those mundane status updates on social networks like Twitter or Facebook, so maligned - what if, in their progression, they told a story?

    Short link -

  2. Phenomenal! This is 'found' poetry at its finest. Synchronistically, I've been compiling some of my own best 'Tweets' to compose some extended 'Twittery' as well. Great minds really do think alike!


  3. I knew there was poetry in status updates. Thank you for piecing it together and finding it. This is such a good poem. I love it!

  4. Yes, sorry, I didn't mean to imply you had lifted it from anywhere. More the concept / method is one that's stumbled upon by the writer :D

  5. This isn't actually 'found poetry' per se, only made to look that way (except they're all in pentameter!).

    The lines were carefully composed in the form of the status updates of a single character, who has an implicit, and harrowing, storyline.

    The last line refers to

  6. heheheheeheh!!!! Wow.... I didn't realize that a woman can sound so..... I don't know..... misplaced??? Do we all sound like that, Semaphore???? :)

  7. It does tell an interesting, snapshot-like story. It reminds me of the Beatles tune "Come Together."

  8. Timely,original,and blows me away. It's all good...thanks for writing. You could do a whole poetry book in this form with 50 or 60 different characters. I'd buy it.

  9. Innovative, imaginative and original.

  10. I'd buy a book like this too...Lorenzo~great idea!

    Fantastic...I thought it was "found" too which actually is a compliment, you made it sound authentic without losing the poetic! LOVE it :)


  11. I began reading - thought it was clever - and then got to the heart. Well-done.

  12. Anonymous11:11:00 PM

    Surely not "found" well-crafted & unique. I always enjoy how you incorporate modernity into your poetry! (Cindy @gemswinc)

  13. Thank you...

    The poem works best under the illusion that these are the status updates of a real person. But the fact that they're in rhymed pentameter couplets should be a subtle pointer that these are composed, rather than found.

  14. honestly...i thought first it was the status update of a real person and was wondering about the journey and the bits and pieces of life you throw in there..can identify with them...but seriously, i'm returning my library books...smiles

  15. and why wouldnt they Like Flo and the Machine...smiles...saw them with U2 this summer and fell in love with their music...nice play on this sam...there is poetry in every thing...

  16. Anonymous9:19:00 PM

    Fabulous collage - so very Dada :)

  17. There seems to be so many secrets people keep. They cover anger with smiles, and horror with repetitive tasks. My mother took her secrets to the grave and I knew she had them and I knew she'd lied but with all my sleuthing I haven't learned the truth. I try to tell my truths, boring perhaps, but secrets seem to strangle souls and squeeze out creativity. Truth seems like a red balloon for me or like your poetry.


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