Pulp Fiction

You can call me by name - Mr. Black.
That's a Glock 17 up your back.
You're a reservoir cur,
Who'll address me as sir,
Cause I'm someone who don't give a jack.

You imagined that you were the boss.
And just who did you think you would cross?
Twenty kilos, we're tight;
But you've ended up light,
Now a kilo ain’t all that you’ve lost.

There's your natural place, on your knees.
Did you think you might run to police?
Read my clips, read my gun:
You can’t hide, you can’t run.
So you keep your mouth shut. Pretty please.

Boom boom pow, now your right ear’s a hole.
Just be glad I’ve left most of you whole.
Next time things are unclear
Finger that souvenir.
Drive the highway, have change for the toll.

So remember who’s watching your back;
I’m your friend, while our friendship’s on track.
Now get up, shake this hand,
It’s just business, my friend.
And remember the name – Mr. Black.


  1. A poem in a continuing series exploring the boundaries of the limerick form.

    Short link - http://bit.ly/s4pulpfic

  2. Man, I love those flicks . . .

    But Tarantino should pay YOU royalties for this one!


  3. Witty... perverse... dark .... just like the movie, only in limerick. Sheesh, Sam, your muse is working overtime!

  4. Haha, thank you! And the beauty of it is, I can just see this coming out of the mouth of Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson's character in 'Pulp Fiction') instead of his own rhetorical mashup of Ezekiel 25:17 and Psalm 23.

    Now if only I could dance like Travolta...

  5. I like this piece. Something a little different than the others you write.
    sounds like a Mister Big scene...lol

  6. It's a given, of course, that I couldn't just let the limerick form alone.

  7. dang...goin all gangsta on the limericks...nice story telling as well through the linked limericks man...def different from your usual fare...i like...

  8. Fun poem! I too enjoy writing multi-verse limericks. I was planning on discussing them in my article, but ran out of space.

  9. Anonymous8:07:00 PM

    An impressive multi-verse limerick! As a newbie I stuck to one. It's great to see many people used other art forms for inspiration.

  10. Multi-verse is fine, but my mind won't leap that far out to compose such Limericks. However, it does not preclude my enjoyment of YOURS! Thanks!

  11. What a great take on such an iconic movie! I think Tarentino would be proud.

  12. Gold stars for you, our Sam. Man, this was fine and intense, in limerick form. But no giggles (though it would indeed make the strange and oddly sexy Tarantino fellow smile, I'm sure!)I bow to you. You're the master.

    And by the way April 5th is yours! Let me know if you need anything.

  13. Great piece, Sam. Reservoir Dogs has that toughness that fits right there with the limerick's place between the profane and the sublime. :)

  14. A tough guy called Sam was renowned
    for throwing his weight all around
    Until they discovered
    a closet poet in the cupboard
    so they made him mayor of the town

  15. A bit dark for limericks, but I loved it! You did a great job with connecting them all. Peace, Linda

  16. Brilliant use of the form to write fiction. And such fiction!
    We can always rely on you to come up with the goods.

  17. Five stanzas of 'limerickical' lyricism. Very accomplished.

  18. Clever stuff Semaphore - I like it!

    Anna :o]

  19. Great set of Limericks! Sema! Gives a clickaty clack sort of sound. The contents are strong and daring. Brilliant!


  20. Inspired by Semaphore’s verse
    On blogs his comments disperse
    As imitation is flattery
    I’ll charge my battery
    And hope I’m not too much worse

  21. Impressive that they all string together like that!!

  22. so very cool sam...love how you tell a gangsta story with limericks..great idea..masterfully executed..and read your comments on the trail...so awesome...whew...we should crown you the limerick king

  23. I love your iimerick novel/move script.

    Oh Samuel, good sir, you’re a star!
    There’s no end to the talent you are.
    You write with such ease
    it looks like a breeze.
    I’m prophesying you will go far.

    (Last line tongue in cheek, of course.)


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