As you sleep, I trace my verses on your skin.

You stir, your breathing circles to a sigh.
A trail of skates across the surface of your reverie:

My fervent words emblazon you, then fade.

Between your shoulder blades, I write:
‘Your wings unfold like mist across the night’

And in your dream, you fly out from the moon’s eclipse.

Along the camber of your back, this hieroglyph:
‘Frail hope still lingers in the crescent of your soul’

And in your dream, you fan the embers of the sun.

Beneath your wave of hair, across the nape, this verse:
‘The sea adorns you with an incandescence of pearls’

And in your dream, you clasp around yourself the stars.

On the delicate parchment of your eyelids, I spell out
Single words: first, ‘Light’, and then another, ‘shines’

And in your dream, the dawning slivers into day.

My words unscroll across your fair, untainted world,
Stretched out before me in surrender,

Inscribing, while you sleep, the finery of your dreams.


  1. Fantastic work of art you have shared with us here.

  2. You are fast, this was still in draft when you read and commented. Merci beaucoup!

    Short link -

  3. "Inscribing, while you sleep, the finery of your dreams."

    Beautiful, makes me want to take a peaceful nap... and dream.

  4. This is an amazing metaphorical piece!

  5. Thank you, this poem took about a month to write, there were many choices of verses and so many visages the whole took, before it settled where it is now.

  6. Beautiful...some wicked lines here.
    Thanks for sharing this masterpiece. Wonderful.

  7. I adore this piece... that's it.

  8. Delightful... absolutely delicious. A new favorite!

  9. Beautiful ~ thank you for sharing.


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