Your scent lingers on my skin until dawn:
the intimate aroma of your mons

pubis intermingled with the sweet myrrh
of your breasts; the air embellished by your

hair’s perfume, by your lips’ punctuation
of grace. This fragrant infatuation

warms me as I gather up the remnants
of our night, clothe myself in the raiments

of my day. As you sleep, your essence clings,
and I breathe you deep into my aching

soul, hold on to the part of you that still
embraces me, that steeps me in its swell,

enfolds me in the subtle redolence
of dreaming, in memory’s lush incense.


  1. Love the idea of incense, and scent descriptions... unsure of "mons pubis," which seems too clinical for the rest of the poem. But the general theme and mood are exceptional.

  2. Thank you! I thought hard about that, but decided it had exactly the effect I wanted.

  3. I love the way this poem sounds out loud. The sensuality is truly palpable. I'd disagree about "mons pubis". Usually, it wouldn't work in such an earthy poem but it works here for me.

  4. you are a gifted poet.

    such lines as @ As you sleep, your essence clings,
    and I breathe you deep into my aching

    ...are so vividly clear.

  5. Merci beaucoup...

    Short link -

  6. Although I love this poem: I love its form and rhythm and the sentiment (well, I would, of course), I have to agree with your first commenter: mons pubis doesn't feel right for this.

    It's a distancing phrase because of its medical nature. It speaks of a society that classified and named the things it feared with Latin words, as if it could gain distance and objectivity about the body by using that language.

    Here you have the narrator who is steeped in the visceral reality of sex... and I don't think he/she needs that distance. Unless, of course, you've done it on purpose because the night is over and they are preparing to move into the less intimate world of the day. But then, perhaps you need to stress the transition more?

    Just thinking. Brilliant piece of work.

  7. Haha! It has indeed made people talk! Fair enough.

  8. As I've said before, every word has the effect I want - and if it makes people think and talk about it, all the better. Thanks for reading, and thinking about the words!

  9. I like it the way it is. :)

    erotic, foreign, romantic, sensual and real...


  10. I smell a winner here! No, seriously, very highly charged. I love the way you invoke our most neglected sense.

  11. I have so so many favorites of yours Sam, but this's exquisite. And in the reading, every single word is a perfect fit for the raw feel of it. I adore it.


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