leah has logged in

alex: Hello you
leah: oh you’re here, how are you?
alex: Breathing, and you?
leah: i’ll be fine
alex: You’re on late tonight
leah: visited with my sis a bit
alex: Well, I’m glad you’re here

alex: I read your email
leah: i've not yet sifted through all the details of yesterday
alex: Neither have I
leah: someone said things end badly or they don’t end at all
alex: You’d have been happy if nothing had changed
leah: i’d have been content
alex: Content?
alex: Content?
leah: yes happy

alex: I'll always remember your passion for life
leah: i’ll always remember your devotion
alex: You could read my thoughts, finish my se
leah: sentences?
alex: lol

alex: I told you I’ve only fallen in love once in my life
alex: I lied
alex: It’s 3 times I’ve fallen in love
alex: And you’re number 1, 2 and 3

alex: What are you thinking?
leah: how i feel now is how i never wanted to feel again
alex: I’m sorry
leah: it's not fair

alex: Do you hate me?
leah: hate you for what?
alex: Crossing the line, asking you to cross the line
leah: no i wouldn’t say i hate you
alex: But?
alex: You have regrets
leah: no
leah: well i guess i regret not getting to go see annie together
alex: lol

alex: When you rediscover love, I won’t be there
alex: That is my biggest regret
leah: i wouldn’t say when
alex: Okay, if
alex: If you rediscover love
alex: My biggest regret is that it will be with someone else
leah: then that would be my regret too
leah: if

alex: It didn't have to be this way
alex: But you're the immoveable object
leah: and you’re the irresistible force
leah: and in the end
alex: We can't exist together unless one of us gives in
leah: no we can’t

leah: i'm sleepy now
leah: I’ll call you sometime?
alex: Yes I'd like that
leah: i'll talk to you soon then
alex: You take care of yourself
leah: you too
alex: Good-night, sleep well, pleasant dreams
alex: The sun will come out tomorrow
leah: : )
alex: I'll always lo

leah has logged out

alex: Good-bye you


  1. Short link:

  2. So unorthodox and yet so moving.

  3. i know this conversation, stunning

  4. Funny how these conversations/communications disapear in to cyberspace...

  5. ouch man....the cut off there in the end...i wonder about he is hard to tell you can say or be anything...even if they have known you in the past....i wonder what made him finally cross that line too....intriguing way to tell it too...

  6. Dang, Sam. What a great way to unveil a relationship. I love the tool of dialogue as a means of telling a story and "showing." Very effective write.

  7. this is really much unveiled of their characters just by that chat conversation... very interesting development and leaves many questions open..but i always like when not everything is answered in a poem

  8. Clever evolution of character here. Novel -- as it is a poem, novel in word choice as well. It sets the tone and the time. Nothing intrudes so the end is a surprise. You met all the requirements here brilliantly.

  9. Good to see a story unfold through dialogue

  10. Excellently done. All the better for being uncommon. I appreciated its freshness and the many routes it could have gone.

  11. So much said here in a brief dialogue. Brilliant!

    Anna :o]

  12. Anonymous10:33:00 AM

    the breakup aftermath through IM, so much of intimacy now electronic. so very good

  13. I like the reading between the lines this initiates, Sam--the whole of things meshing but not clicking, of being too close to right to easily let go, too close to wrong to hang on. Very innovative in approach, too, which gives it kick and immediacy. Always a pleasure to see where your muse takes you.

  14. Touching... sad. I love your approach and the reference to Annie (i've always liked that song).

  15. there is so much packed into this dialogue - I loved reading between the lines

  16. Anonymous10:50:00 AM

    i enjoy your highly contemporary approach here. by the end, I find myself wanting to know more and feeling simultaneously satisfied with the mystery of it.


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