Unlinked Verses

You scuffle through the
russet of September's dream,
a shadow on water.
On the walk the dark, wet prints
of the leaves begin to fade.

Above you, the rough
iron of the summit's reach,
impassive, rises.
The air smoulders. Tomorrow
this whole world will be on fire.

Home, home. Already
her heart is running faster
than her two legs can.
When she stops it is to let
her hurrying breath catch up.

Now they lay scattered
under the amber lamplight,
like rosary beads
she had used to finger, faith
brittle as those petals were.

Rising, crescendo
in me, libretto and score,
to be the music.
The yellow of ivory
quavering, fevered to the touch.

Your soul in its
enamelled dusk lies, pharaoh,
like a sleeping moth.
Time's scarab burrowed in you,
your dark sarcophagus dream.


  1. I wrote a poem with a friend called "Linked Verses", based on a Japanese structure, each verse linked thematically to the next.

    Writing was a way of keeping in touch. In the end, my friend and I went separate ways, and so - since she never gave me permission to print hers - the only verses I could present were my own.

    As I collected these into a new poem, her verses effaced, I found that "Unlinked Verses" took on a meaning different from the sum of its parts. This poem - apparently complete but not - became its own metaphor for friendship lost.

    Short link- http://bit.ly/s4unlinked

  2. wow..cool...and dark..and longing..wonderful use of words
    I must go write blissful words to not spend the evening thinking of friendship lost :)

  3. This is lovely in it's delicate chaining of a relationship that is felt rather than stated, the more haunting in is unassuming droplets of imagery, I had ti tetras several times, not for meaning but to enjoy the texture. I like it very much especially the golden images and the fact that a chain of beads is woven into the ... Unstory


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