The Third Deadly Sin

Behold, you are fair, my beloved, and
while life still in you breathes, I spirit you
to my sepulchre, to the sunless sea.

There you will be the centerpiece of my
sculpture garden; castings fashioned not of
marble or wax, but of sinew and flesh:

Aphrodite of Milos, dismembered,
beautiful; headless Winged Victory of
, eagles’ wings lashed to her back;

Sabine Woman, face enraptured. And you -
you will be my Francesca di Rimini,
the softness in Rodin’s Le Baiser, lips

raised to your lover’s lips, like fevered wine.
Thus, my beloved is mine, forever mine.


  1. A standalone poem; but also the fifth sonnet in the vampire cycle - 'The First Deadly Sin', 'When I Die', 'The Second Deadly Sin', and 'The Poison Works'.

    Click 'V' above for the cycle.

  2. Grenhilda6:49:00 AM

    Spirited away, romance and death. As usual you don't disappoint. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous9:29:00 AM

    The sonnet, as a form, is strangely vampiric; it does have a timeless desire within the structure...

    I really think this vampire cycle holds something very unique and special.

  4. Thank you! For those who were wondering, the third deadly sin is greed.


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