The Second Deadly Sin

Slaking this thirst needs only a little
more than simply the blood-right for first kill.
The rest your faintly beating heart keeps fresh.

Afterwards, I bear you into the earth's
gutted underbelly with the others,
waterskin vessels of arterial springs.

Pale stalactites, you hang like pendulous
bats from the cavern ceiling, terrified
as a keening rends the shivering air:

The call to feed. From the shadows, my fanged
brood circles in, a famished legion that
will tattoo your flesh with a ravenous

Stigmata of blood, again, again, again -
miming your open mouth that cannot scream.


  1. The follow-up and companion-piece to the poems 'The First Deadly Sin' and 'When I Died'.

  2. Anonymous9:54:00 PM

    The romance/temptation in this piece is so scary. I really love this series of yours. So well crafted.

  3. Nice work, I'm glad I saw this link in the twitosphere. I especially like the stalactite / bat analogy.
    P.S. You might like my prayer poems at

  4. The third deadly sin is 'greed'. It'll be interesting to see what happens next.

  5. Grenhilda3:18:00 PM

    This one is deliciously scary!

  6. Very nicely done. I love the horror of this.

  7. The internal logic in my poem cycle demanded that I devise a biological and social background for the vampires. It differs significantly in key aspects from conventional concepts, and strongly influences how they interact with humans.

  8. Oh, please continue to differ. Awesome.

  9. Thank you!

    By the way, for those who've asked, the second deadly sin is gluttony.


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