Her heart beats.
Wired for a sleep test,
she dreams and weeps.

Somewhere across the ocean,
her only son falls.
Improvised explosive device.


  1. A friend was undergoing sleep monitoring; I imagined her wired, her heart ticking like the timer on a bomb.

  2. Grenhilda4:32:00 AM

    Your words always cause a pang! I have two sons. Your ability is to go straight to the heart, the unnecessary stripped away.

  3. I see the connection with the heart beating and the timer on the explosive device. I also can't help but connect the sleeping to the space of dividing ocean. Lovely sounds with beats, sleep, dreams, weeps. The continuity of the s throughout the entire poem really attribute to a sad and thoughtful emotion.

    if only i could update as frequently as you, your work ethic is highly admired as well as the quality of your writing. cheers!

  4. I love your heartfelt, musical words.....

  5. Short link - http://bit.ly/s4ied


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