Your eyes are jewels
set in the ironwork metal
of your cold heart.

They glitter like vespers
unravelling from the black
hem of your cassock.

Around yourself you weave
the incandescence of illusion,
trembling and uncertain.

The geometry of oblivion,
where souls hang limp and
faceless as the pharaohs.


  1. Grenhilda2:21:00 AM

    Darker and darker, the call of it seductive. Love it, as always.

  2. Back to your dark meanderings I see, though a glittering gem of a poem.

  3. Anonymous7:11:00 PM

    Love the verse; could be applied to some of the not so awake monsters inhabiting this planet. Some how mystical training says we need to see this as part of a One-Mind. However, I still like to bark and bite sometimes.
    That being said, your says it so well for me. Bravo

  4. Thanks all for the comments, including Harmon, who I know could only log in as Anonymous.

  5. Yee-ouch! You make it so real.

  6. Short link -

  7. that last stanza is def fresh sam...and is tight...also like the glitter of vespers...well done...and i tend to agree with harmon...

  8. Twelve short lines - how do you do it, and what a metaphor?! So creepy crawly spreading its web over everything, dark, catholic, ubiquitous, demonic. I'm jealous; I wish I could have written it. Kudos to you, this is excellent.

  9. I have known one of these. Cold, metallic, and faceless for a reason---you build a tense and perfect sense of distance and alienation, predation and illusion, all in fewer words than one would think possible. Fine poem, Sam. (and thanks for your kind words on Sledding with Cats.)

  10. Your final stanza in breathtaking...makes the darkness seductive and the victims willing. LOVE it!

  11. Brian Carlin7:41:00 PM

    The trembling and uncertain catches the feel of that wobbling web

  12. Your drawing is itself a jewel: clear, hard, perfect economy of line.

  13. Hi Samuel, wonderfully honed and sharp. K.

  14. I'm not a fan of spiders! This described them beautifully. Their eyes - their quivering presence as they sit in their web. Such small things can embody such powerful feelings and link together and can be applied to the rest of the world. Very much enjoyed this

  15. Spiders have that alien like presence that can arouse terror. Your wonderfully chiseled lines have me seeing it fron an angle that makes it fresh in my imagination and brings wonder at both the danger in this being and its fir into nature. Economical in design, efficient in harmony with its environment, its nature graces the page with a just elegance.

  16. Thanks all, such kind words. This was finessed from the draft of an older poem that simply did not work, but time and relentless editing finally got me there.

  17. The geometry of oblivion is a wonderful image, as are the limply hanging souls. You capture both the unpredictable moves and the implacability of spiders.


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