The Distance

I will take with me the cold wind
shaking at the spattered windows,
the steam and sudden trembling
at each gust of leaves and light,
the color of this night surrounded
by shadows, and the sound of trains.
You I can only remember.

And all my world becomes the world
outside my window, a dim desire
that frames reality and you
from all the rest.
                      By now
you will have lost my face
among the faces gathered at the rail,
by now you will have lowered
both your eyes and voice
so that you cannot see
these sad, unfinished thoughts
pressed close against the glass,
these eyes full of fear
and desperation, searching for you
like a thief.

And I cannot call out, or ask
what suddenness has gripped this heart,
can only feel your arms
about me once again, as if it all
were nothing, and the night
were gone

And you were here.


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  2. This is pure trascending for of art. I loved this.

  3. I can visualize this scene, very dream-like, as though it's only a thought and nothing more

  4. Anonymous11:23:00 AM

    I agree with Lissa, I also visualize the scene, this had a light and airy flow, and it made it easy to imagine the surroundings of your expression (if that makes any sense) lol. Lovely!

  5. You've shared a person's thoughts so clearly here. Distance can fall between you and another so quickly. How we long to recreate those original feelings when we know we've lost them. Wonderful write. Have a great day.

  6. I'll have to keep you to your word, and thank you for your consistent support and feedback. I'll continue to share your site with many, you have much to offer in a poetry book of your own (one that I'll have to keep for your autograph as well). It was a great surprise to have come across your writing and to have met you, please continue to update (as you do so often with great material each time).

    What gets me the most here is the sound, how even more beautiful the poem is when it's read out loud (I suggest putting up an audio so people can just hear it, might be a venture to check out).


  7. Anonymous4:47:00 PM

    I agree with the comments. Very lovely. I will come back to read it again.

  8. Your poetry is beautiful. You have a great gift. It's like words falling from heaven. You are right up there with the greatest poets.
    Sending you a smile,
    Dani Thornton-Stock

  9. You leave me breathless.


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