Text Messages

How to distill desire into a space
more breathless than a sonnet? Twelve keys,
translating longing into my cellphone's
terse pentameter.

By now you are asleep, lost in dreaming,
unaware of these messages I send you -
my breath's staccato, my semaphore of hope
and despair.

San serif fireflies, my messages flit
across the cellphone screen,
weaving their arial hieroglyphics.
Incandescent, like your eyes.

I telegraph my verses
one hundred and forty characters at a time,
fluttering text messages, flocking,
a twittering chevron of sparrows.

From these spyglass images you assemble
this my alphanumeric heart: letter by letter,
strophe by strophe, in time with my
distant semaphore.


  1. Anonymous1:58:00 PM

    I love your work. This is wonderful!

  2. I Love your work.
    Some people whine about cellphones and computers killing poetry. I imagine they would have complained about paper too...

  3. You always have a way with words. How lovely to have used a cell phone as a medium for poetry. :)

    My favorites--4 and 6. :)


  4. This is very meaningful to me. Much of my writings are sent to my
    husband on his cell. Thank you for your beautiful words.

  5. Thanks so much for the kind words.

    These verses were composed and edited on a cellphone, a Sanyo Katana equipped with T9, so I like to think of these poems as 'katana'.

    Other verses were also composed on the Katana, but these had a common theme - an emotional connection rendered via a machine interface metaphor - and fell naturally together

    Short link - http://bit.ly/s4text


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