Night Heron

Tonight I will draw over
the pencilled lines of the wings again,
not being able to hide them
the way the legs were hidden,
shadowed in flight behind the reeds.

Where my hand shakes,
there will be the hint of where
a sudden gust had startled it
as it began its rise;
where steady, the long neck
arches, as in a dance.

Just so, the reeds bend back
beneath the rush of wings
that are not there yet,
and where the long legs
come out from wading,
the waters circle back,
ripple after shimmering ripple.

Heron, alone and unchanging,
you are a moon whose two sides
are forever dark.
....................You are
the secret hidden in the heart,
the river's grain, the whisper,
the unseen tree
fallen in the forest,
and this uncertain moment
fading into stillness...

Shadowless, in shadow,
rising from the waters
like a dream.


  1. Anonymous11:10:00 AM

    Do you also sketch or just feel it?

  2. All I'll say is, I'm a better writer than I am an illustrator.

  3. Anonymous1:00:00 PM

    there is a bird-clarity at night: a fluttering; I really like this one.

  4. Lovely, as always... you know I'm big on line breaks and think you might play with some in the third stanza.... but the intent of the poem is clear. Every reader can live this scene completely. Kudos.

  5. Paul Grai5:02:00 AM

    the words "illustrate" the details, as if painting the vision in our minds . . . .

  6. Thanks all, for the kind words.

    Short link -

  7. Anonymous7:00:00 AM

    you re great writer truly admire ur write ups


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