Lip Service

Here, between the outstretched
arbors of your thighs,
let me beatify my thirst.

Let me plunge into the crevice
of your longing, where darkness
slowly meanders into rapture

Rose of flesh, your sweetness
lingers, envelops my breath
with a scattered bouquet

My trembling mouth skims
the surface of your tender sex,
tattoos desire on your open lips

My tongue flicks in and out,
a ravenous serpent,
sinuous in your moist embrace

Yes, let me taste you
Here, let me fill you
Now, let me ravish you

Taste you, fill you, ravish you
until you come come come come come -
deep, like an unfathomable wave


  1. Two things I absolutely love about this poem. It's sensuality, and its classy. I enjoy a poem like this that's sexy without being pornographic. Bravo!

  2. Well, that was certainly fun!

  3. I think I need to open a window or take a shower. *le sigh*

  4. Short link -

  5. exquisitely erotic...perfectly sensuous, entirely hot...


  6. I was going to use the word exquisite like breeze did. Perhaps I will anyway. Exquisite sensuality.

  7. hell yes...haha...nice and and pleasing...nicely done walk the line well without sounding vulgar....

  8. Spoken like a true poet, dilettante and lover, Samuel! Come come come-- ah, the mnemonic of that word! The spell cast by the poem! Sweet poet, and clearly sweet lover. xxxj

  9. Oh God! Oh GOD! OH GOD!

  10. gotta love this one!

  11. Lovely description of a beautiful experience. Well done!


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