Driving You Home

Tired from the dance,
your chatter falls
and you sit silent
for a moment

with your hands folded
in your lap.
Slowly, your eyes close,
your breathing slides

into a gentle
quiet, your cheek slips
neatly into the shrug
of my shoulder.

And here you are,
just the way you were
tonight, when the lights
dimmed, and the ensemble

slowed into our
favorite song.
You smiled your
secret smile

into the herringbone
weave of my jacket,
tiptoed up to whisper
in my ear.

And here we are,
two sleepy people
nearly halfway home,
a rendezvous in dream

and one already there.


  1. I'm not a poet - so I'll just say... Excellent and Thank you.

  2. Your touch is so tender in this. I see this in half light, yet so clear that I can feel the rough fabric of your coat.

  3. I like the whole poem very much and I love these lines "tiptoed up to whisper/in my ear" and "nearly halfway home,/a rendezvous in dream".

  4. Short link - http://bit.ly/s4driving

  5. Anonymous10:35:00 PM

    Love this one. Makes me want to compose for it. Set it to a musical landscape that has both background and foreground. Then and now. Beautiful - thanks!

  6. Love this.... how accessible, despite being so personal. What poetry should be.

  7. This poem is so beautiful, gentle and soft. I always feel calm after reading your poetry :-)


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