Artist's Studio, New Year's Eve

after Kotaro Takamura

Let’s not leave the moist clay, earthenware to freeze,
My love.

Tonight the kitchen larder will be empty – no matter.
Let’s warm the fire.

In the bedroom, the blankets may thin out
And you may clutch a pillow,

Shivering, in early light – no matter.
Let’s not leave the moist clay, earthenware to freeze.

I will be your sentinel, sleepless in midwinter,
Letting loose the mercury’s

Thin column, a brigade against the gale.
Though we may find the world has left

The two of us alone – no matter. New Year’s day.
My love, let’s warm the fire.

Renaissant Carol


Madre non mi far monaca che non mi voglio far.
Non mi tagliar la tonaca che non la vuo' portar.
Tutt'il dì in coro, al vespre'et all messa,
E la madr'abadessa
Non fa se non gridar, che possela creppar,
Che possela creppar.


Une jeune pucelle de noble coeur priant en sa chambrette.
Son Créateur, l'Ange du Ciel, descendit sur la terre.
Lui conta le mystère
De notre Salvateur,
Ce Dieu si redoutable est homme comme toi,
Ce Dieu est homme comme toi.


Estennialon de tsonoue, Iesous ahatonnia
Onnaouateoua dóki nónouandaskouaentak
Ennonchien skouatrihotat
Iesous ahatonnia, ahatonnia
Iesous ahatonnia.


'Twas in the moon of wintertime, when all the birds had fled,
That mighty Gitchi Manitou sent angel choirs instead.
Before their light the stars grew dim
And wondering hunters heard the hymn:
Jesus your King is born, Jesus is born,
In excelsis gloria.