Outside, the winter frieze has banished all
except the shadows from the streets. Beneath

it all, a final subway train engraves
a drawn, unhurried course across its tracks.

Its sound reverberates through the grates, an
electron in its shivering orbital.

Here, colder still, in the railway tunnel
of the MRI, the liquid helium

embraces in its coiled magnetic frame.
The shutter trips, and I become a flash,

protons cascade, a corona of light.
Etched in the scanner's screen like the Turin

shroud, a self-portrait. The cranial tumor
a frosted silver, like a crown of thorns.

Silence Has Bound Me

Silence has bound me devastated, desolate;
Has me in its anguished cocoon,

Bound in an ember, pining, dying.
Me an ember muted in gloom.

Devastated, anguished, pining in darkness deep.
Desolate cocoon, dying gloom, deep tomb.


You say you want a revolution
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it's evolution
We all want to change the world
          - J. Lennon, P. McCartney

You talk about a #revolution?
You there, carrying the bayonet
Of Internet protocol, bearing
Elliptic cryptography’s body armour –
Listen – let me explain a few things.
Alongside the armies of salvation
March your trending hashtags #Tunisia
#Egypt #Jordan #Algeria #Yemen -
#7thcolumn at the squares of liberation.
You say you want a #revolution?

You there, standing in the plazas,
Surrounded by the salt of merchandise,
Armed with nothing but your placards,
Your Molotovs of #poetry; your comrades
Slumping in the streets of your suburbs,
Bloodied like a dried inkwell, swirled
In hake. You falter like a weathervane –
Listen – you are not alone. Raised with
Your fist our own, fingers together curled.
We all want to change the world.

You hear about the #revolution?
You there, despots, heedless in your
Palaces, your pyramids of gauze,
Your minarets of conjurement and smoke –
Listen – that is the sound of the great deluge
Bearing down upon the tined illusion
Of your gates, etching away the mortar
Of your garrisons, wave after furrowing wave
Sweeping your citadel in watery immolation.
You tell me that it’s evolution –

Let me show you how the comet
Struck down the ancient tyrant’s reign
And made it brittle bone, cowed in stone.
You say you want a #revolution? This is the
Word, meme, singularity – seize it, share it,
Chirp it, reddit, storify it, glorify it, tumblrd
And tubed, until we surge victorious,
Philosopher, mason, poet and serf,
#Freedom the final stone that's hurled;
We all want to #changetheworld.