Sad ocean, verged against
this faded sky, you breathe
a quiet reproach of clouds.

The vast night shivers,
bone cold, deep, and
blue as the universe’s ghost.


  1. Short link -

  2. nice use of verged...border...had to look it up...i like as the universes ghost, very nice.

  3. the ocean with all its poplution...still blue from a distance...the tie to the universes ghost ..haunting...bkm

  4. Anonymous1:37:00 AM

    Beautiful, tight, vivid poetry!

  5. Investing the natural world with emotion and soul, and beautifully. The second stanza makes an exceptionally strong finish.

  6. A momentary feeling
    A glimpse at the compendium
    Of a man's sweep
    Blessed with the ability
    To catch the changes

    OneLove--Tiger Windwalker

  7. I like the way how you put in context the ocean and the sky : "Sad ocean, verged against
    this faded sky..." Beautiful shot


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