With what words to answer,
with what voice?
The sleight of wings,

whirring above your face,
the rise and fall of your breath,
the shadows slanted like blinds

across your eyelids -
You sit upright, cold, breathing,
awake, undreaming.

A secret, hidden in the
hesitation of sleep,
suddenly revealed.


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  2. Anonymous8:39:00 PM

    This reminds me of waking up in the middle of night and a dream I can't quite remember. Nice one.

  3. Excellent Sam, it reads beautifully like a whisper in my head.

  4. "Sleep on it" indeed. Perfectly titled.

  5. That last stanza is amazing... and all before so visually acute!

  6. When the truth is discovered in a dream, so astounding as to wake one up. You capture that moment with tender, knowing style.

  7. I need dreams like that!

  8. Those revelations that sometimes seem to suddenly come--startling one of deep sleep. Beautiful.

  9. I woke up in the middle of the night, my heart pounding and I knew it was something important, something I should remember, but maybe something I didn't want to remember.
    That's what your poem reminded me of. It was vivid and powerful and heartfelt. Very well done. Blessings.


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