The hand loses its hold upon the reins.

Across the veins of sky the sun courses,
sweating the glistening sweat of horses
mouthing the wind.
                                About the surging manes
the muscles arch, flinging the feeble strain
of arms around the rebel neck away.

Incarnadine the waters of the bay,
shrouding the ashen soul that tried to tame
this sun, to twist the whip across the skies.


Turn away the eyes that look up and drown
in the roar of the edging night. Slower

than a falling feather, the evening dies,
a shudder eclipsing the sun.
O Icarus, O Icarus come down.


  1. Just a note to say your short poems in celebration of National Poetry Month have been fabulous. Please do something with the collection. They (the collection) merit a stand alone publication. Thank you for your labor of love in poetry.

  2. This is a sonnet masquerading as free verse.

    Stanzas with differing numbers of lines, mid-line breaks, the partitioned Icarus and Phaethon verses - but in a clutch of 14 rhymed pentameter phrases.

    Imposing a modern face on a classical form, this continues my experimentation with a form I find beautiful and challenging.

    Short link -

  3. Impeccable execution as always, I find myself incapable of composing sonnets but here you are pushing the boundaries outward whilst overflowing with rich imagery. Splendid!

  4. Somehow I had missed this-- gorgeous-- imbued with your apocryphal vision and mastery of the power of the image...xxxj


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