Red Sky

The sun's artery
beats through red sky
like the light
convulsing from an
ambulance roof.

The stained, dark
hemmorhage of noon.


  1. Oh my! A gem of a short poem. The second stanza couplet is pointed, powerful, and packs a big concluding punch. I find it brilliant. A wonderful write Sam.

  2. Thanks for the kind words!

    Short link - http://bit.luy/s4redsky

  3. This takes me back to summer marching band practice. <3

  4. Yes, the heart and mind say, together. xxxj

  5. I am liking your short poems..Emily Dickinson is ine of my favorites, brevity, wit & natural imagery. You are also a master of all three

  6. Anonymous6:35:00 PM

    How beautifully you make the sun alive.

  7. Anonymous11:43:00 PM

    Lovely and concise work here!

  8. made me chant the sailor's words "Red sky at morning..."
    and this is pulsating indeed!

  9. A beautiful piece, Sam. Great imagery; I'm seeing a red sky and a bright sun moving with rays of light pushing away the red.


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