Postcards from Kings Place, London

Martians browse caxtons,
angle the Saxons, and roam.
Send their postcards home.

Girls in summer dress.
I must confess: I'm gawking.
I'm no Steve Hawking.

Bacon at the Tate's
no breakfast plate. Nor Hockney

Like sugar'n Equal,
the Phantom sequel. But shucks!
Should pull in the bucks.

Shakespeare is tragic,
Copperfield magic. Tickets?
Empty your pockets.

Blue pinkie wasted,
Arnold's face pasted. Rotter!
When's the next Potter?


  1. I haven't seen this form elsewhere - but I've been working on perfecting this for a while now. One of my early examples is a poem called "Waste Land Haiku".

    Not sure what to call them yet - but they're structured kind of like haiku (5-7-5-ish). Besides this line-length structure, a requirement is that the first rhymes with the (rough) middle of the second line, and the second line rhymes with the third, thus: A-(a)B-b.

    The effect of the short line-length and rhyming scheme is that the poem has a humorous air, similar to a limerick.

    Short link -

  2. Brilliant and engaging, Sam-- just wonderful. I am humbled by your comment/compliment today-- thank you, immensely. xxxJen

  3. no-- not too esoteric at all-- for the literate-- joke. xxxj

  4. ha this is fascinating sam each one of these is a gem in form and lyricism...and some chuckles as well..effective...some great word play too...#3 esp...

  5. Oh! I love this! The rhyme...the read. Fantastic, Poet! Tell me this won't catch on in the twitterverse ;)Fun and engaging!

  6. I like throwing rhyme into your 5/7/5 as I'm now starting to call them. As you recall I did a sestina in them but didn't rhyme them. I love how this took me to the town I "wish" were my home's where I feel most at home. I roamed the city and the people here. I have pix all over my computer of London, Paris, NY - I love them so! Need to talk to you about form. I'll send you an email.

  7. smiles...much enjoyed your haikus sam...i think haikus are very difficult to write because of their brevity but you've done an awesome job

  8. Enjoyed the sheer craftsmanship here--in my opinion, humor is worthy of as much attention to craft as any other object we undertake, besides, it makes it work better. These were dry and amusing, and the rhymes took away some of the sparseness of haiku imagery, while leaving the structure of the short lines. Fun, Sam.


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