At times you would come and stand here, eyes closed,
not speaking, facing the sea. Above you,
the sky would unfold its dark rorschach of
clouds, until the storm washed away the stain.

At such times the wind would barter silence
with the plummet of great wings sheltering
from the sea squall, the sadness creeping in
and out with the wave, insistent as rain.

And now only the granite will recall
what you would have forgotten: looking up,
when you would find yourself suddenly there
at the edge, stumbling like a ghost unchained:

Wandering in the spray, never where you’d been,
never where you'd thought that you would be.


  1. Short link - http://bit.ly/s4haven

    Definitions of sonnets range from very strict (Petrarchan, Shakespearean) to incredibly flexible (Jackpine). I use the term for something somewhere in between.

    I have done enough classic sonnets to prove to myself - which is all that counts, in the end - that I can write them. Now and then, I like to experiment a little.

    This one, for example: Meter is pentametric but not iambic. Rhyme scheme is on the final line of each quatrain, and a final rhymed couplet. Something in between free verse and a strict sonnet. I'm happy with that.

  2. Sam, just got to dverse myself and found you there. This form, the sonnet, is something around which I am unable to wrap my own creative mind; however, you have done a beautiful job. This is haunting - free verse or form, you never disappoint. And more often than not, you delight! Peace, friend. Amy

  3. nice...i like your sonnet...nice imagery...i like the rorshacht sky...the end lines are great...they go beyond the walls of the poem...the not where you thought you would be...though i would not mind standing out looking out to the ocean...

  4. Wandering in the spray, never where you’d been,
    never where you'd thought that you would be...love the reflective voice in this.. the ocean seems to get to our core with its wind and waves...uncovering..unveiling...

  5. the sky would unfold its dark rorschach of

    ...rorschach is such cool word...like the image that line created in my mind.

  6. The sea is a wonderful inspiring companion..an important life force for a creative person.Your words brought it to life!

  7. Your poetry always lifts me up and takes me right out of myself, with its beauty and depth.

    I like some of the new things poets are doing with sonnets; and I like them still to be recognisable as sonnets.

  8. Anonymous4:06:00 PM

    The way your character walks right onto the stage, "eyes closed,
    not speaking, facing the sea", one is caught with a sense of tragedy to come or be revealed... and the way you render that revelation in beautifully gentle steps and images, and without crude specificity, lends a universality we all can relate to. I felt at the core of my being that "sadness creeping in and out with the wave, insistent as rain."

  9. I enjoy this kind of sonnet - reading them and writing them.

  10. So agree that rhyme, if used sparingly, becomes a treat rather than a chore.

  11. Such a lovely form and verses Sam ~ I am awed and have much to learn ~



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