Epitaph for a Sailor

Content? You never were. You dared
Even the edge of the ocean:
A moment unmoving and exultant where
The cliffside rose into the air,
And down you would plunge

                                Then, suddenly -
As though the waters could not hold you pent -
Burst out triumphantly in arm,
White sails mounting the wind spent
From having wrestled with a god. Content?
One cannot even trust you, lying there.


  1. Short link - http://bit.ly/s4sailor

  2. Oooh, Samuel, I like this one.

  3. So evocative-- i love "a moment unmoving and exultant"-- a brilliant homage to that wayfaring volition I associate with the true mariner and esp. Odysseus...xxxj

  4. Perhaps that why they chose such a large stone, to make sure he could never get up again. My Magpie this week is A Plot Both Great and Grand.

  5. Oh I do like this - brilliant imagery.

    Anna :o]

  6. Ad astra per alta...

  7. true, well put.

    welcome sharing a random or relevant poetry with us today.



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