Bathyscape of loneliness, plunged
into the night's marine desolation,
and this unhooked handset cord uncoiling
my tenuous lifeline to you.


I listen to your laughter, preserved
in the daguerreotype of voicemail,
playing it over and over until it tints itself
sepia in my mind.


And this is what remains:
dreams of you flickering against the backdrop
of my eyelids, like the forgotten reel
of a silent movie.


  1. Short link -

  2. Beautiful poem, Sam-- xxxJenne'

  3. (()) another beautiful one. Reminds me of lost love. <3 it.

  4. This is lovely..short and so evocative. Always like your love-longing do it so well!

  5. The way in which you have captured the commonality of the moments is simple perfection. Who hasn't been here at this moment, who amongst us cannot somehow relate to this piece? Wonderful

  6. Well said, Samuel. Very eloquent and simple in its poignancy.

  7. Beautiful words evoking lost memories and appropriately titled sepia. And grammar comes out right. I can see the point you had mentioned about the benefits of writing in sentances and converting to poem that you had advised me clearly here

  8. Enjoy the merge of the modern with an era gone by.
    3rd stanza my favorite :)

  9. Beautifully real emotions. Each part you in to different layers of a single moment. A host of many thoughts and emotions.

  10. dude you rocked this with a masterful stroke...i am with moon on the 3rd...

  11. I like the connections through metal - daguerrotype sepia memories; because all voice mails are but someone else's memory even if only minutes past. Time's a funny wavering thing - real one minute, a ghost the next. Your use of language thrills in its precision.

  12. beautiful in form and content...loves emotion running through the simplicity and complexity of the modern world of communication with a sepia memory....lovely...bkm

  13. Beautiful evocative....simple lines, yet complex meanings. Nicely done.

  14. So strong because of its seeming simplicity - though it is never simple to find just the right words to convey the thought.

  15. So much emotion compressed into so few lines. Evocative use of simple snapshots to create a little masterpiece of feeling.

  16. Lovely work. I like the tripartite format

    Luke @WordSalad

  17. great poetry sam...and thanks for all the kid words..all the best pete


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