Dear Mister-I'm-Too-
this'll be the last
time I harass y’all.
I'm in the car now, 90
on the sprawl.

Radio crankin’ out the
soundtrack to the drive.
You know the song by
Collins? About that guy
who coulda saved that
other from a dive.

That's kinda how this is.
Yeah it's too late –
I'm on downers mixed
with vodka mixed with hate.
And all I tried was
to communicate.

We coulda been
forever, never doubt it.
Now you can't sleep
and dream about it.
Instead I hope you
kick and scream about it.

Keep bangin’ at that trunk
back there, go on and try.
We’re almost at the bridge
and we gonn fly.
At least we’ll be together;
Stan, good-bye –

And I can feel it
coming in the air
tonight oh Lord
I’ve been waiting for
this moment for all
my life oh Lord
oh Lord oh Lord


  1. A tribute to Marshall Mathers and Phil Collins, inspired by the song that first made me realize what incredible poetry there was in the lyrics of Eminem.

    Short link - http://bit.ly/s4drown

  2. I'm so happy Sam you took upon yourself this challenge. Only a poet of your calibur could take such greatness and place such a legendary song in the "non-lyrical" context of poetry. I'm certain both men would and are tremendously honored.

  3. Quite interesting mash-up. I actually totally agree about Eminem, and think there is something special to his words and performance (his lyrics beg psychoanalysis, for me)...I used to love the lyrics of that Superman song. His words are so deliberately immature and his rhymes are so surprising....

  4. I know a song when I see it and you know how to make one happen. The hallmark of songwriting is whether it works, so much less forgiving than poetry-plain, and this works leaking right into my life.


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