The last time that this wind touched ground
it was Asia. Arms stretched, I fly
lost in the cliff-spray, ocean-sound.

The last time that this wind touched ground
its verdigris dreams stirred, coast-bound;
now cobalt blue, verging on sky.

The last time that this wind touched ground
it was Asia. Arms stretched, I fly.


  1. A triolet comprises eight lines, classically in tetrameter, with rhyme scheme ABaAabAB. The first, fourth and seventh lines are identical, as are the second and final lines. Thus the initial and final couplets are identical. The form stems from medieval French poetry, and is similar to the rondeau, also a form emphasizing repetition and rhyme.

    Short link - http://bit.ly/s4avolare

  2. Interesting meter, it poem looks deceptively simple but I applaud you for pulling it off.

    Like the new blog backdrop as well.


  3. Glad you caught that, yes, I've read a few triolets that didn't quite pull off the refrain, so it is a bit harder than it looks. Thanks.

  4. You have great written works. I am impressed. I love your words and the way you express yourself so deeply and vividly. You are truly talented.
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  5. Excellent modern take on the triolet. Mine more conventional. It's not so easy when the lines repeat but yours said more because of placement and the movement of your words. Thank you, Gay

  6. Wonderful modern triolet very nice and the flying touching ground in Asia - you can sense the world travel in this wonderful write..thank you...bkm

  7. Anonymous3:17:00 AM

    Wonderful innovative triolet Samuel, thank you so much for leaving up, notes on form here are that your iambs are crisp and precise, I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time you've written them! Thank you for linking up and hope to see you next week!


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