Sounding Whale

One last breath, and then the giant lunges
forward, its spine arched like a tremulous
spring, flinging free from the water its tail,
then drops straight down into its element

Like a projectile over Hiroshima.

Across the crescent of its heavy tail
the waters stream in a cascade of white,
blue, silver, black, a thunderstorm unleashed
at the aqueous surface of the earth

Fallout from an apocalyptic cloud.

One thousand, two thousand, three thousand feet
into the depths, driving before its wake
a ponderous shockwave, billowing fire

Engulfing whole the deep crustacean dark.


  1. Short link -

  2. Thanks May, so happy this spoke to you.

  3. VERY powerful attack on the senses

  4. Diana, thanks. If you have ever stood at the prow of a boat, marvelling at such a giant, you would know that such power and majesty is almost indescribable.

  5. What an amazing poem.
    Thank you for sharing this.


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