Spirit Departing

Gone, all of them gone. He alone is left,
the last of the sealing expedition.

Under the dim light of the crescent moon,
he decides to settle there, on the ice.

Hope is a phantom limb, amputated,
lost, nonexistent, only felt as if

it were real, when he closes his eyes.
Far off, the search party retreats back to

the ship, faces cast in the kerosene
lamplight. Night pulls its starry coverlet

across the frozen landscape’s face.
Falling into sleep, he exhales his dreams.

They gather, swirl above him, drift and fade,
a hesitant secret, an epitaph.


  1. Short link - http://bit.ly/s4spirit

  2. I was especially attracted to the line "a hesitant secret," very haunting connection in that to me.

  3. Thanks Emily, that is a favourite phrase of mine as well. Looks so simple when written out, but you can't imagine how difficult to come up with, to suggest the implications. Glad it connected with you.

  4. I always lose myself for a few seconds when I read your work. A big story in so few words. "Hope is a phantom limb.." powerful

  5. Diana, thank you, I'm glad the world in the verse becomes real for you for a moment. That's what it's all about.


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