March Kite Off Shore

When I was young, simple things found brilliance
through my father’s patient alchemy. Thus:

Two wooden skewers tied into a cross,
notched and edged with wood strips into a frame.

Thin brown paper from the grocer’s, unwrapped
from a parcel of salt beef, measured, cut.

Edges folded, pasted over the frame
with a glue mixed from flour and water.

Half-hitches tying a string bridle to
the spar, lark’s head knot to the flying line.

Coloured pages from gran’s old magazines,
fanned into ribbons, strung out as a tail.

And last, a soaring March wind, transmuting
these hopes, these gossamer dreams, into flight.


  1. Inspired by an etching by David Blackwood.

    Short link -

  2. Wonderful. Reminds me of the days during my youth where I made kites out of the same. Thank you for the journey. Marvelous!

  3. Hmm the smells and sounds of yesturday gone by ..I would travel across the world to smell and taste my grans raison scones ..

  4. Very beautiful once again Sam. Nice imagery!


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