Flight Into Egypt

No, only one day. Can't figure it out.
They said they would be here three days at least.

Half-price for the stable, I'd said, paid in
advance. They seemed willing enough, no cause
for any complaint there. They left – early.
No sound from the dogs. Not a word to me.

There, where the straw is layered out onto
the ground, I expect that's where they slept.
Yes, there was a child, born last night, their first.

No, I didn’t bother, I've five children
of my own, and besides, I have an inn
full of guests to look after, rooms to check,
meals to see to. Others were curious enough.

What's that? No, no forwarding address.


  1. Short link - http://bit.ly/s4egypt

  2. A very different perspective...

  3. Wonderfully written I must say. You leave great latitude for interpretation. A very different take on a major religious story. Well done.


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