Bend to This

Bend to this, your wondrous lips;
To these, which desire your kiss;

This, which engenders our trembling limbs.
Your desire, our shared hearts' caress;

Wondrous, your trembling heart's entwining flames.
Lips kiss, limbs caress, flames embrace.


  1. A so-called 'square poem' has six lines and six words per line. You can read the lines horizontally as usual, but you can also read down the columns of words, and the poem should read exactly the same!

    Miriam Claire introduced me to them with a poem by Lewis Carroll - - and challenged me to write one. So I wrote two.

    An interesting exercise, but because of the form it will take me a while to come up with something I'm completely happy with.

    Until I do - and when I do that poem will go up and this post will self-destruct - here are the two I finished today.

  2. There is something that draws one to your poetry. It can't be explained-that force that possesses a reader. You know, you have that magnetic force within your poetry, and I am the possessed reader. Bravo, and keep on writing.

    -Gray from Gray and Mars Poetry

  3. You taught me something new I've never heard of a square poem until now. Great write my friend.

  4. I've worked on 'Bend to This' a bit more, and under the constraints of the form, I'm reasonably happy now. When I'm done with the other one, I'll post it separately.

    Short link -

  5. TrinaMb7:17:00 PM

    Nice to learn something new each day. What a cool idea, and you rose to the challenge... Surprised? No not me. Intrigued? Certainly.

  6. Looks like you nailed it yet again. I think one of the toughest parts about composing these is the punctuation involved, but you definitely used it to your advantage every step of the way here. Impeccable format and vivid content!

  7. And here's the other one - "Silence Has Bound Me" -


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