Only Wait

In the winter, you say you must go;
Now my heart feels as heavy as snow.
Though I say I will grieve,
If you must, take your leave,
Only wait till the springtime to go.

In the springtime, you say you must go;
As the stream breaks the ice dam to flow.
I will cherish you still,
But you fly, if you will,
Only wait till the summer to go.

In the summer, you say you must go;
As your dreams, like the grasses, must grow.
I would beg you to stay,
But if you must, away,
Only wait till the autumn to go.

In the autumn, you say you must go;
When the winds blow my hopes from the bough.
Wait till winter to go,
All I ask: Not now, no.
Only wait till the winter to go.


  1. The limerick is a traditional five-line poem, of humorous, nonsensical and, often, ribald intent. Originating in the early years of the 18th century, it was popularized by Edward Lear in the 19th century.

    This is the first in a series which will try to push the more serious boundaries of the form.

    Short link -

  2. Would work very well as a song, and great use of limerick. But what a great poem. Thanks.

  3. Doh... I was hoping I'd sound clever by spotting the limerick, but you beat me to the post.

  4. The seasonal rotation works so well with the song of the limerick, definitely like a minstrel's ballad, just needs a lute and a lady's glove! This is exciting

  5. Beautiful piece, I liked how you orgainized each stanza for a season.

  6. It's odd, but the limerick format makes it sound cute when read aloud, even though it's not cute. It is pretty though.

  7. Leave it to you clever Sammy, to turn a normally ludicrous form on its head and thus produce such beauty.

    By the by - a couple of your latest 'tweets' are presently on display at my 'Wall of Worthies':

    Keep on raising it brother!

    - ItzQuauhtli, Herald of Quetzalcoatl

  8. So here I sit, trying to construct a limerick in serious reply... not an easy thing to do. Kudos for pulling this off in such clever fashion. I love the progression of seasons, and the form really works remarkably well.

  9. Well written and thought out. I can feel this persons fear of letting go. Like the author is putting off the inevitable.

  10. I love this- makes a very lyrical piece - reminds me of "On top of Old SMokey" song for some reason. (Which is a slow, sad lament)

  11. maria.klemenskaya11:00:00 AM

    Oh my God,'s really you...and your words feel the same to my soul, but you've mastered the kythe of it all...

    1. Anonymous6:12:00 PM

      Like the floating lovers of Chagall
      We endure, in our moments escaping
      The incredible sadness touching all
      Convinced that these are never lasting

      We endure, in our moments escaping
      walls of data, iron conditions
      On passion's mysterious wings, flying
      Over laws, time, the given options

      Like the floating lovers of Chagall
      We bear this irrefutable grief
      Dead friends, hurt children, duty's call
      Knowing our love cannot give relief

      Light, suspended in our inner world
      We move to mournful calls of seagull
      Youthful goals, lands becoming blurred
      Like the floating lovers of Chagall

      We savor the hours of flight above
      Dark disasters, lies, the killing
      Worlds and crimes, now hidden by our love
      We endure in our moments escaping

      Clear-eyed, we know these aren't lasting
      Despite the sadness that poisons all
      We endure in our moments escaping
      Like the floating lovers of Chagall

  12. You offer a very interesting new take on an old form. Thank you for sharing this idea on Real Toads.

  13. Oh I so love the lilt and rhyme of this. And the repeated phrases really work too. Wonderful.

  14. A heartfelt poem, and in it you are certainly giving the classic limerick form real dignity and beauty.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  15. Nice poetry form...I enjoyed the seasonal verses, each other flowing into the another seamlessly.

    Happy New Year ~

  16. Beautiful repurposing of an old, comic form. You've elevated the limerick format into something poignant and dignified.


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