Just Now

Just now I remember
the way I used to call
your name. Part of my
breath now, a visible

breach in the air's
frigid drift, a whisper
fading like snowfall
into snow.

And I am not sure
whether I have asked
too much of memory
to touch me like a need,

or else have asked too
little, yet have given
myself away, suddenly
shaken and afraid.

Wind scatters away the
time, and the place.


  1. Thanks, this is one of those poems that I fumbled with in draft for ages, that suddenly came together in one moment of clarity.

  2. Beautiful piece, my friend.

  3. Simply breathtaking. I have often fumbled and struggled... then the light. I love this result. Wish I'd written it. :)

  4. Thanks, this bodes well for the upcoming year, I should keep writing!

  5. Anonymous9:30:00 PM

    I love this piece for its subtle twist of fate that can turn our delicate moments on a whim. How does one recapture the past when time insists on a new path or song. This poem rings of so many lost moments lying hidden in ones psyche. I also feel the poem illustrates your unique perspective & gifts. Bravo!


  6. This is haunting and beautiful.

  7. Short link - http://bit.ly/s4justnow

  8. A delicate beauty.


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