Joy Ride

Lust is a wild-maned stallion, with its eyes
glazed and a restless fever sprawling down
its flanks. And when you mount it, you spread out
your legs wide, feel that heat suffuse through thighs

clenched against tautness, skin on unquiet skin.
You feel it rise, swollen, in your belly,
that hunger from the garden of earthly
delights, a prurient secret held within...

And then you ride – like an earthquake torn
from the steppes. You ride – and the wind streams past
you like fire. You ride – and the frenzy lasts
until the vast, final aftertremor

flings your exhausted rapture to the dust.
Fading in the distance, the stallion, lust.


  1. That's very... I think I need to be alone for a while...

    On a serious note, I have always loved the imagery of heat rising from a horse.

  2. Sensuous immediacy....."Lust is a wild maned stallion" You always paint awesome images with words

  3. So hot and powerful...

  4. Anonymous9:28:00 AM

    From an aged perspective; this lust, over time, can be enjoyed, observed & tamed so the ride becomes an art piece of dual pleasure. Not an easy exercise when nature’s prolific tendencies grab thy loans. So many journeys with heated intent for a moment’s fulfillment. Even tigers, we see, may go the expense of this journey. :)


  5. What's most fascinating--the pairing between man and animal, man and nature. What lust does to blur the dividing lines with violence...

  6. Some superb moments..."restless fever sprawling down its flankd..." and STANZA 3! One disconnect for me.... "and when you mount it..." because in my experience, the stallion does the mounting... and how "hot" this: "and when it mounts you"

  7. Sorry... "flanks," npt "flankd"... damn erotic poetry

  8. And "not", not "npt".... okay I'm going away now to contemplate how sexy poems steal your ability to type....

  9. We return you now to your regularly-scheduled program...

  10. Wow...I'm speechless. So many thoughts going through my head. Can't help but ponder. Very hot!

  11. Short link -

  12. Wow, loved the picture you created.

    Do post it on the portal

    We are sure you will get a lot more fans.


    Team SimplyPoet

  13. Nailed this one, Samuel.

    As a writer, I want to know, why a stanza break before your last two lines? Enlighten me, please.

  14. As always, you manage to strike right at the heart of it.

  15. Well Sam...this was an unexpected one but wonderful nonetheless. Smiled through the whole reading and still smiling :-)

  16. Sam!
    You truly take us on a journey! Wow. Love this line:
    "You ride – and the wind streams past
    you like fire."
    Strong, infused with real life force. Ashe.

  17. My, my. Liked this. Sooooo apprecaited the stanza break! Had to look around to see if anyone was watching me. *blushing

  18. Not an easy challenge to take on such an opt-described experience and hand it to us fresh and honest, accessible and...throbbing with life; and yet this is precisely what you did, Samuel. Gorgeous and lasting. Your words and the images and feelings they conjure up linger...


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