But For Your Eyes

But for your eyes, their sudden, errant flash,
Like sunlight breaking through a cloudy wash

But for your hair, a windswept, glorious spray
Over your shoulder like a flung bouquet

I would not love you. I would not love you

But for your arms ellipsed around my waist,
That draw me into consummate embrace

But for your lips that hint an intimate,
Enduring fervor in their soft rosette

I would not love you. I would not love you

But for your fingertips that, tender, trace
The slip of anxious tears across my face

But for your eyes that shimmer as I dare
Declaim these lines to you, this truth unfair

I would not love you. I would not. I swear.


  1. Beautiful, evocative, tender caress of words!

  2. Anonymous8:38:00 AM

    This is pure joy to read and read again... delicate and strong at the same time exactly like Real Love can be, every word of every verse takes me to a cocoon of sweet emotions and deep sensations. Thank You Sam!

  3. Ah, see... I wouldn't change one word. I would not. Beautiful.

  4. Beautifully written, Sam. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Really lovely. Thank you.

  6. Anonymous3:25:00 PM

    Classically perfect.

  7. It was a joy to read this poem!

  8. Short link - http://bit.ly/s4butfor

  9. Beautiful, Sam. I'm out of words.
    Well done...clap clap clap

  10. I adore this! And so familiar, the sentiments are.



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