I will band my messages
to the legs of my poems,
and send them flying.

White wings against a slated roof,
they will ribbon into the air,
like the tail of an invisible kite.

A languorous drift across
your cheek, settling onto your lap
like a feather -

Wherever you are,
whatever you are doing ‑
they will find you.


  1. zibwaru7:18:00 AM

    The personification is perfect 'I will band my messages to the legs of my poems' Regards and keep up.

  2. Poetry as birds, brilliant metaphor! Love it!

  3. Anonymous11:17:00 PM

    Very strong metaphor! Very deep! I like it a lot!

  4. Beautiful piece. Well done!

  5. like a beautiful!!

  6. This is amazing. I found it ominous though, as well as gentle.

  7. Anonymous7:40:00 PM

    very lovely symbolic of how deep our love can be for another human being-it fills my eyes with tears...

  8. Wonderful to hear how this has touched you.

    Short link -

  9. Lovely Sam. From beginning to end. Sometimes it's the things simply said that touch our heart and soul. Well said my friend, well said.

  10. The mystical is wrapped in the clear and elegant act of tying messages to a poem's leg, bringing me to the soul of poetry, which transcends my mental filters.

    This poem transports.

    We all need more of this winged life so I'm sharing this on Twitter now.

  11. Anonymous7:51:00 PM

    Samuel, "Away" is absolutely beautiful, Thank You...


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