The Seventh Deadly Sin

Traitorous beloved, undeserving
of my affection, my misplaced faith, my love,
heed my voice through this unquenchable fire:

With my last breath I curse your mortal soul;
from hell's heart I stab at you; for hate's sake
I spit my final testament at you.

To you I bequeath the memory of pain,
the throat's constriction, the thorned abyss,
the hanged man by ravenous death devoured.

May you relive this suffering through dream,
in sleep so deep you cannot yourself wake,
but only scream your sanguinary fear.

Thus your tortured soul shall burn as do I,
and we, forever damned, shall be as one.


  1. A standalone poem; but also the thirteenth in the vampire sonnet cycle, which together tell one story.

    The preceding sonnets are 'The First Deadly Sin', 'When I Die', 'The Second Deadly Sin', 'The Poison Works', 'The Third Deadly Sin', 'You Have Not Destroyed Me', 'The Fourth Deadly Sin', 'And I Rise', 'The Fifth Deadly Sin', 'The Labyrinthine Ways', 'The Sixth Deadly Sin' and 'Deeper the Wound'. Click 'V' above for the full cycle.

    Each 'Deadly Sin' poem is from the perspective of the vampire, and each poem after is from the perspective of his victim, in response.

    The seventh deadly sin is pride. One sonnet remains, and the cycle is done.

  2. very powerful and beautiful poetry.
    just stopping by, to say hello.
    warmly, david korn

  3. Thanks! The final sonnet is proving very tough to write, I've gone through maybe seven versions.

  4. Gren-Hilda2:36:00 PM

    Pride is the most destructive element in honest human interaction. As usual you express it in you beautiful style.


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