On the Labrador

Solitary wave moving through the waters,
I watch you growing, lifting, sweep, boundless, vast!
Spume on the reef of morning breaking from the mist,
the earth stands still beneath your turning compass.

Oh more beautiful than the night, stained by the flare
of lightning, sudden, white. Oh to celebrate you
as the rain celebrates the earth, arms outstretched.
I want my music to mean, memory to ensnare you.

I want to feel you the way I feel the strands of nets
strain and bite through my fingers' rough skin
when I heave them up, fin and silver twist of sunlight
gleaming, heavy with the weight of the ocean.

Salt-betrothed, leaning over the railing. Thus
have I fought sound and silence, the rising deep,
at the sheer arch of wings stretching over a wave,
rising like a harbor to the returning ship.


  1. Breathtaking. Definitely channeling Neruda, one of my favorite poets. Just lovely. :-)

  2. Delightful. I grew up on the edge of Melbourne Bay. This brings back some feelings.


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