Night's Compass

Night's compass has measured out,
in trembling degrees,
the arctangent of our hearts.

Pythagoras' lie: the hypotenuse
torn from desire, which cannot bridge
the distance between us.

Still forms, lost in the fractioned
stillness, words unspoken, broken only
by the trigonometry of silence.


  1. I like this, you've modelled mathematical expressions into art.

  2. Incredibly written, I love the use of words.

  3. Short link -

  4. the trigonometry of silence...that is a very cool turn of phrase sam...nice magpie

  5. the night hides everything... a most insightful soothe...

  6. so cool...when maths melts with poetry..who would've thought it works so well...the hypotenuse torn from desire...trigonometry of silence...both paint vivid it sam

  7. A delicate, spectacular poem, Sam-- I love each line but stand-outs for me are "fractioned stillness" and "trigonometry of silence"-- fabulous. xxxj

  8. Hoping this love measures out to be more than an acute span of affection... silence is indeed it's own unique space. Love the integration of math.


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