In Passing

Home with you, past Seventh Street
into the next, across the lawns
and sprinklers of the afternoon,
and through the covered walk
between September and July.

My pedals scuffle through the summer's
heaped-up scent of grass and mowing,
fragrant as a memory
pocketed in passing,
a shy leaf peeking from behind
an open window, or a butterfly's bright yellow
resting on the brown of a ceiling rafter.

Hold tight! It takes a little more
than simply all of me, to keep the bike
from spilling you into the leaves.

You make up all the difference
that sets a little bump and gravity
conspiring to send us off,
the apple perched on end
at the end of the branch,
a gust and sway,
on the afternoon's edge.

You will be for me
the tendered flower pressed
between this evening's pages
and the heart -
but now you are the glance,
the start and wave
of the neighbor's sitter
rising from the steps,
and Coco frisking at the gate,
and your sister's laugh,
are where the windows
and the rooftop shingles
pare the sunlight into dream,
persimmon, squirrel,
a summer and a summer
in your smile.


  1. "In Passing" by Semaphore is yet another example of this writers intuitive and eloquent style. Wonderful work.

  2. Gren-Hilda9:10:00 PM

    Beautifully evocative. A moment and a summer perfectly captured and freeze-framed forever. I love this one!

  3. Beautiful. I think I've already told you.
    YOu have become one of my favourite poet.

  4. Thank you!

    Short link -

  5. Anonymous5:00:00 AM

    Reads like a video in my mind. Vivid and colourful So happy to be reading your poetry :)


  6. I saw a branch with an apple hanging on the end in my garden, yesterday. Now in your poem, I pedal back to youth, tipsy, zigzagging with the heat of August.


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