I watch you burn: the flames of perdition
whirl like flares on the surface of the sun,

swarm around you, etching you of your soul.
I watch you burn: you who once made me whole,

gouged now from me like an offending eye,
and hurled into the amaranthine fire.

I watch you burn: cauterized of promises,
lies and pretenses, stripped of disguises,

bereft of your poetry's phosphorescence.
You burn, along with my charred innocence.

And until nothing is left except your
smouldering ashes, until I am sure

not a breath of you is left to return,
not a whisper, nothing: I watch you burn.


  1. A standalone poem; but also the fourteenth poem in the vampire sonnet cycle, which together tell one story.

    The preceding sonnets are 'The First Deadly Sin', 'When I Die', 'The Second Deadly Sin', 'The Poison Works', 'The Third Deadly Sin', 'You Have Not Destroyed Me', 'The Fourth Deadly Sin', 'And I Rise', 'The Fifth Deadly Sin', 'The Labyrinthine Ways', 'The Sixth Deadly Sin', 'Deeper the Wound' and 'The Seventh Deadly Sin'. Click 'V' above for the full cycle.

    Each 'Deadly Sin' poem is from the perspective of the vampire, and each poem after is from the perspective of his victim, in response.

    I had planned this to be a full cycle after fourteen sonnets, but there is one poem left.

  2. Anonymous7:30:00 AM

    Good poem, going to have to find the rest to read (WelshPoet)

  3. Gren-Hilda2:33:00 PM

    I am witnessing the destructive force of a relationship ending and feel the relevance of the emotions.


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