Marilyn, 1962

When you died, he worked feverishly,
methodically, like a paramedic

striving to resuscitate your fragile
spirit, to wring your heartbeat back.

There on the canvas he imagined
you alive, a single repeated photograph,

stuttered like invocations on a rosary.
Twenty-five beads of joy, twenty-five

of sorrow, every fifteen minutes a cycle
of prayer. On one side, your acrylic life

glows vivid; on the other, your captive
visage fades to black-and-white.

Framed by his urgent hand, you find
a silkscreened immortality.


  1. Marilyn Diptych (1962) by Andy Warhol:

  2. I always think of Marilyn when I think of Warhol... I think of all the lives he seemed to be able to absorb and explore... I love the image of a paramedic... and the last two lines are so lovely. Really wonderful poem and iconic in its own right.

  3. You rocked an iconic tribute of an iconic tribute. that is what I was trying to say. Again so well done.

  4. I think u have captured here the true spirit of art,as a tribute to the ephemeral nature of our existence opposed to the everlasting impression of an existence that has surpassed the everage human nature.there is another bead being passed here, from actress to artist to writer to reader and so we become part of a chain.
    beautiful poem...beautiful mind!

  5. your mind is incredible and your words are extraordinary. I love this poem. this line is my favorite: stuttered like invocations on a rosary. well done. have a great night.

  6. Something makes me feel that this Marilyn composition, like Warhol's diptych, is only the first.

  7. Anonymous10:25:00 AM

    Pop Art icons made to dance with lively words of being~begetting & begone. Lovely colors for our delight. Bless


  8. Gren-Hilda3:55:00 PM

    What I really like is that this is like two poems in one. A tribute to art, but with an underlying theme of life and death.

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