The Fourth Deadly Sin

Three days entr’acte, and the savage garden
wakens in me a restive thirst for prey;
but I can stave off thirst a little while.

Three nights intermezzo, and the hunger
stirs in me a vagrant restlessness;
but I can stave off hunger for a while.

For now, this transcendental heart of ash
envisages repose, a sweet nocturne,
engendered in my lover’s soft embrace.

Submerged here, half awake, and half in dream,
our separate worlds entwine in one another
with a measured quietude and ease.

And, lacking words to speak, our lips will touch;
and stave off parting for a little while.


  1. A standalone poem; but also the seventh sonnet in the vampire cycle, which together tell one story.

    The preceding sonnets are 'The First Deadly Sin', 'When I Die', 'The Second Deadly Sin', 'The Poison Works', 'The Third Deadly Sin', and 'You Have Not Destroyed Me'. Click 'V' above for the full cycle.

    Each 'Deadly Sin' poem is from the perspective of the vampire, and each poem after is from the perspective of his victim, in response.

    The fourth deadly sin is sloth.

  2. You are a true wordsmith. Beautiful one to add to the collection!

  3. I would be guilty of sloth feeling the way you have perfectly captured, I would leave my 'transcendental heart of ash' to rest. Thank you.


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